Let’s Face It…

Many YouTube Traders Do Not Make Any Money From Trading!

And you know it.

They create videos for the views and sell signals they copy from different telegram groups to unsuspecting victims.Unfortunately most people are desperate… so they pay for these signals and keep losing hard earned money and WASTING TIME instead of making progress!

That’s why you should do whatever you can to be at the 

FX Millionaire Expo Lagos:

(14th January 2023)

Discover The Exact System Young Africans Use to Cashout From The Forex Market Every Day And How to Finally Earn in Dollars…Even If You Are a Beginner & Have a Full-Time Job!

Why Attend The FX Millionaire EXPO 2023?

Get Proven Strategies to Accelerate Your Journey to Financial Freedom in 2023 and Beyond!
Meet & Learn From Your Favorite Forex Mentors — And Get Your Pressing Questions Answered Live!
Network With Other Profitable Forex Traders and Power Your Trading Journey!

And Much More…

Here’s a glance at the line up of speakers and the topics they’ll be speaking on…

Damilare OgundareCEO, HabbyFX Trading Academy

Dami will be showing you his Account Flipping techniques – How to Make Big Money from a Small Account Size

Habby has one obsession – taking small size accounts and flipping them into big money. Let him show you how he does it so that you can do it too!

Chris AniCEO, Daba Holdings LTD

The Sage Chris Ani will be showing you How to get rich with crypto in 2023.

Chris Ani has carved out space for himself and made a fortune in The Crypocurrency Space. He will be showing you the exact steps to navigate the crytocurrency space in 2023.

Bright OnipayedeCEO, Kojoforex Academy

Kojo will Walk You Through His Secrects on How to Become Consistently Profitable As a  Forex Trader so that you can live your dream Life

Kojo loves to travel… he lives the dream but he does this because he is consistently profitable in the markets. He will be showing you the exact steps you can use to become a consistently profitable trader in 2023.

Dapo WillisCEO, Willis Unversity

Dapo The Big Money Man Will Be Showing You The Science of Going from your first live account to getting Big investors to Give You Money

Dapo Willis has transitioned from trading his own money to managing over $150,000,000 of clients money and he’ll be showing you how to get big money investors to give you money.

Godslove Ndemazeah CEO, Godlove Group

Godslove Will Share The Secrets He Used to Scale from Trading to Building a Successful Trading Business

Godslove has gone from just trading to building a successful trading business and even diversified his investment into other sectors, He’ll be sharing how you can do it too in this event.

Ref WayneFounder, Forex AMG

Ref Wayne Will Be showing us the Trading Psychology He Used to Earn Over $3M in 24 Hours!

It’s okay to keep making a bit of money here and there… but it takes a different mindset completely to make $3M in 24 Hours. Can you handle this?

Lesiba MothupiFounder, Forex Chasers Inc

Lesiba shares his trading career with us On My journey from Zero to R100M ($5M) in 5 Years

Lesiba is one of South Africa’s youngest Traders & Author… and he will be on ground to share his journey with us on the steps that got him to $5M.

Jeffrey BensonConvener

After losing over $100k and bouncing back several times, I will personally show you How to Win Inspite of Losses & Stay focused despite the money and fame

I am one of the few traders who talks openly  about my losses and in this event I will share with you how I have managed to bounce back time and again after losing over $100k more than once.